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Olivia Guillory [Bella Magica App]
*Olivia is 3 inches taller than 5 feet.
*Her face is oval shaped. Her eyebrows are thin, giving her a calm expression. Her nose is short along with her lips.
*Olivia's has purple hair, long enough to where it covers a quarter of her back. She parts her hair to her right, keeps her bangs long, and also moves her hair behind her ears as well.
*Her eyes are a milky purple; the purple she inherited from her mother while the milky discoloration she had inherited from genetic blindness.
*Her skin is pale; despite her being outside most of the time, she had inherited this.
*Olivia wears dresses most of the time. The dress is also full-length, down to the feet and all the way to the wrists and up to her neck. *Olivia prefers dresses to have a "warm" color; she doesn't know "color" but she knows that certain dresses keep warm temperatures more than others. Her parents usually gave her victorian dresses. Her usual dress had a black on red color scheme; the frilly in
:iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 3 0
Imagine Blue by RnRSentinelDA Imagine Blue :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 1 0 You Are Never Alone by RnRSentinelDA You Are Never Alone :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 2 0 Reflection by RnRSentinelDA Reflection :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 0 Alone, Never (Bunny) by RnRSentinelDA Alone, Never (Bunny) :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 4 7 Beachside by RnRSentinelDA Beachside :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 2 0 Rainbow Cement by RnRSentinelDA Rainbow Cement :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 2 End of the Day by RnRSentinelDA End of the Day :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 1 0
Furry, fuzzy skins
turn rough, hard rock.
Smooth, silky threads
turn cold, sharp needles.
An explosion booms,
and the ground shakes.
The volcanoes erupt,
spewing out snakes.
We look at each other,
changed, now upside down,
he could not tell...
A smile or frown?
Vision blurred, now he
can not see.
Friend or foe,
who could it be?
Hearing distorted,
thoughts race.
Can not stop
and see her face.
Needles prick,
and they pry,
They just pierce,
and they lie.
What was once
thought to be a hug,
was actually
an impalement tug.
What was once thought
to be the beat of life,
was in reality
a puncture wound of a knife.
It cut with a giant poke,
blood started to fill the throat,
that's why he did not spoke,
not even a single note.
Guilt trapped the man,
as the eagle with the mice.
It feels like Life-in-Death,
is about to roll the dice.
Solitude, refuge too,
is what he most desires.
But what good does it do
but add wood to the fires.
Oh! But when, the dead
is finally rested,
this old zombie's heart
:iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 0
Psychedelic Psky by RnRSentinelDA Psychedelic Psky :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 0
Trigonometry (Religion of Triangles)
Like any other religion, you either hate or love it. It either makes complete sense or it's just a bunch of BS. It might bring you enlightenment or complete insanity. As the Bible has parables and psalms, Trigonometry has formulas and equations. If it had a soul and walked among us, it would either be our lover or arch-nemesis. We either wake up with it in the morning or stay up with it all night. It can kill us in our sleep or make us drop dead in our classroom chairs. If your eyes aren't bleeding from the numbers then your ears should be from all the lecturing. Who can sit through hours of triangle worship but those devout martyrs of mathematics? A word of warning: there are terrorists even in this one religion. Who you might ask? Those who teach it! Their words manipulate the minds of a student into believing that suicide is quite the attractive offer after being shown their test grades. Oh ye of little faith.  Faith? Nay! There is no faith in Trigonometry. Only measures a
:iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 2 0
Anastasia by RnRSentinelDA Anastasia :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 6 5 Green Light by RnRSentinelDA Green Light :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 0 The Coming Storm by RnRSentinelDA The Coming Storm :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 0 0 Punch the Rainbow by RnRSentinelDA Punch the Rainbow :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 9 4 Never Leave Me by RnRSentinelDA Never Leave Me :iconrnrsentinelda:RnRSentinelDA 2 0
My latest devious creations! :3

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Mass Effect 2: CHARGE by higheternity Mass Effect 2: CHARGE :iconhigheternity:higheternity 2,295 334 Gordon Freeman is sad by echidnite Gordon Freeman is sad :iconechidnite:echidnite 172 58 TEAM FORTRESS 2 Girls' Side by hikarikun TEAM FORTRESS 2 Girls' Side :iconhikarikun:hikarikun 918 341 Team Fortress 2 - On Defense by OuterKast Team Fortress 2 - On Defense :iconouterkast:OuterKast 2,112 322 Team Fortress 2 Chibified by CrimsonZig Team Fortress 2 Chibified :iconcrimsonzig:CrimsonZig 1,367 138 Bad Company: by misscube Bad Company: :iconmisscube:misscube 45 33 Back on your feet Soldier by zazB Back on your feet Soldier :iconzazb:zazB 986 197 Half-life : Combine Trouble by Francisgenois Half-life : Combine Trouble :iconfrancisgenois:Francisgenois 989 280 American Pi by quartertofour American Pi :iconquartertofour:quartertofour 132 121 Red Dead Sartorial Differences by hellcorpceo Red Dead Sartorial Differences :iconhellcorpceo:hellcorpceo 1,470 174 Disgaea 4 by Nami-Tsuki Disgaea 4 :iconnami-tsuki:Nami-Tsuki 186 129 Halo of War by AngryJedi Halo of War :iconangryjedi:AngryJedi 747 74 Mass Effect Consensus Achieved by macawnivore Mass Effect Consensus Achieved :iconmacawnivore:macawnivore 3,597 366
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United States
[PROCRASTINATION won't let me fill out this bio!!! D: ]
  • Listening to: Noisia - Tommy's Theme
  • Reading: Hoshizora no Memoria
  • Watching: Kotoura-san
  • Playing: Darksiders II
  • Eating: Oreos
  • Drinking: Milk
At this point in time, I'm having a virtual name change. From the past username of "RnRSentinel" to "JMthreesixty". You see, RnRSentinel was name I had engendered about 2 years or so ago when I found that the abbrevation, "Rest N Relaxation", along with the noun "Sentinel" complimented each other well when said together. Time has moved on and it is still a name that I am proud of, however, a brief remark from my siblings made me question its value. Because even earlier than "RnR" was the XBOX gamertag known as "JMthepr0d1gy360", when I was ruffian child when no idea what he was doing when decided to come up with a gamertag. Though, my older brother still called me "JM 360" even though when I had already changed my alias to RnR. He had told me that he will always see me as JM 360, one of my sisters then said, "what is your name now? RnR?" in a very dry tone.

So a few days and nights of deep thought and I decided, "name change". I'm not changing the name because i found out that my siblings didn't like it--they didn't say they did--I'm changing it because I can and because it feels refreshing to start anew, as though you are a new person in a world that you already know everything about (mostly anyway). That is one of many reasons why the internet can be very fun, you can be whoever you want on it and no one can stop you (don't take this literally, because if you assume the identity of a serial killer or a pedophile, the authorities will jump on your ass like a dog to a bone).

There is now a "JMthreesixty" on Youtube, SoundCloud, XBOX Live,, and other sites to come.

But the fate for this deviantArt account is still up in the air.
I had planned of doing one of three things:
1. Create a whole new deviantArt account and either keep/trash this one.
2. Use money for a short-term premium membership and change name.
3. Do nothing and carry on.

In the coming days, we shall see what becomes of :iconrnrsentinelda:. Until then, don't hold your breath.

P.S. My siblings love me more than life itself so don't think that just because they teased with the whole "RnR" thing that I'm a hated little bro. xD That's another thing about the internet, don't assume anything unless you are told directly and honestly (this can have many meanings and be defined in different ways).

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